About Us


Hello Beauties ♡

Welcome to BoutiqueSkinEnvie! 

My name is Tasch and I’m the founder of this wonderful website. I recently graduated from Bishop’s University with an Economics degree, surprisingly not at all related to what I’m currently doing in my life #whatelseisnew.

Skin & body care has played a huge role in my life ever since I was a young girl, so it’s only normal that I pursue something related to it. Enough about me, let’s talk about how BoutiqueSkinEnvie will be your new #fav place to shop.

I’m beyond excited to share my passion with all of you through BoutiqueSkinEnvie! All products sold on this website are exclusive to the professional industry; that means we only sell products that are available to day spas, beauty institutes, destination & resort spas, medical spas and physician’s offices.

If you’re anything like me, you want results and you want them now.  No matter what you are looking for, we have the perfect solution. From aromatherapy, sensorial driven, environmentally conscious, organic, pure processing, trendy, vegan, halal certified to medical grade options #wehaveit.

BoutiqueSkinEnvie is fun and simple, where you can shop in the comfort of your #sweatpants. Isn’t that the dream?

SO… we invite you to go shopping - you’re too pretty to have to wait in line.

Tasch xxx