Estherderm was founded by a French pharmacist and biologist specializing in cellular technologies, Jean-Noël Thorel. In the 1970s, the sun-loving researcher devised a different approach to sun protection that went against traditional ways of thinking. Based on optimized tanning and natural skin protection, it is strongly anti-photo ageing.

Today, the effectiveness and high performance of its formulas, the trust and respect gained from professionals in the beauty industry worldwide and the loyalty and commitment of its users make Institut Esthederm a leading player in the skin and suncare sectors. For all women who want to protect their skin’s youthfulness.


  • Patents and technologies that support the effectiveness of all face care, body care or sun care products
  • Skin-friendly formulas that respect the skin’s integrity
  • Targets:
    • Ageing
    • Intolerance to the sun
    • Hyperpigmentation
  • Optimise its cellular metabolism and strengthen its ability to adapt and improve its resistance to environmental stressors

"Esthederm sun care products have been unanimously praised by women's magazines in France. Behind their success is the conviction that all types of skin have a right to enjoy the sun." 

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