Rhea’s core essential belief is that each skin is unique and one of a kind, so there are no standard solutions, to meet every need. Rhea is a dress, tailored fit to your skin, an exclusive combination of cosmeceutical actions to help you play an active, leading role in your skin care regime. A new approach that combines scientific progress and the quality of active ingredients with a dimension of global wellness. Neuro active aromas, advanced phytoceuticals and cutting edge peptides create a winning formula for an innovative cosmeceutical product.

RHEA is a brand created with the following principles: neurocosmetic, phytoceutical, peptide cosmetic, chrono-cosmetic, cosmeceutical and cosmetogenomic. A vision with a very unique strategy.


  • VEGAN CERTIFICATION: Choosing Rhea products means refusing all kinds of animal testing and exploitation of animals. Eco-friendly, paraben-free, cruelty free, gluten-free, free from irritating ingredients petrolatums, GMOs, SLES and mineral oils.
  • DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED: All RHEA products and treatments have been dermatologically tested, ensuring a perfect degree of interaction between skin and cosmeceutical, with no side effects and ensuring your absolute safety.
  • UNIVERSITY RESEARCH: RHEA has developed a partnership with the University of Ferrara, a worldwide cradle of research in the field of cosmetics - and the University of Bologna, the oldest University in Europe. Both are the intellectual heritage of the Italian university world.
  • ZERO MILE GREEN COMMITMENT: RHEA has created an eco-friendly brand in an attempt to preserve the environment and the ecosystem. In this way, it promotes an eco-sustainable policy free from waste and organic residues, which does not exploit the environment and reuses 100% of the fruit and vegetables grown in the local countryside.
  • HALAL CERTIFICATION: Rhea, the first line of cosmetics in the professional market with halal certification.

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