Beauty Points

What are Beauty Points? 

Beauty Points are points given to you with every dollar you spend with us! Points are calculated on the retail price before taxes and after discounts. 

Why Join?

Because its FREE and super simple. The more points you receive, the more discounts or free products you can get. Beauty Points are also given to you for your birthday, when you refer a friend, and MORE. 

How do you sign up? 

Super easy. See that little pink box on the bottom left side of your screen? Press that and sign up. 

What are they worth? 

1 point = 0.05$. 

  • 100 = 5.00$
  • 200 = 10.00$
  • 500 = 25.00$
  • 800 = 40.00$ 

How do I redeem points? 

Log on to your account, check how many points you have. If you're eligible for a reward, click "get reward" and you will be given a code. Copy and paste this code in the "discount code" box during your Check Out and your points will automatically be redeemed. Super simple, right? 

Have any questions? 

No problem! Contact us at and we will MORE than happy to answer your questions. 

Quick! Before you go... 

Beauty points are for you & you only - they cannot be sold or transferred! They also can't be exchanged for cash or used towards shipping and taxes. If an order is returned, your Beauty Points will automatically be deducted. 

Happy Shopping!